Daddy’s Little Girls®


We invite you to allow the inner child in you to mourn and grieve the loss that caused you to stop believing that “Daddy’s Little Girls” truly are a special gift from the Almighty God.


Slumber Parties,

Through Daddy’s Little Girls we offer overnight retreats that we refer to as “Slumber Parties”. Why slumber parties you ask? Well what happens at slumber parties? Little girls get together and laugh, giggle, play and enjoy their innocence.   Early in the development of this ministry God revealed to me that not only did women lose their child(ren) through the act of abortion but they also lost the “little girl” that would laugh, giggle, play and enjoy life!   God also revealed to me that they share their secrets because they feel safe. In this safe place, they are free to let go without any fear. At our parties, we enjoy making and then eating pizza, meeting new women, sharing and making crafts and we work through the five-steps of Project Rachel.

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As our groups grew and shared experiences we realized that many women suffer with losses they have not overcome, so we decided to open our “Slumber Parties” to ALL wounded “little girls”. Our last parties brought in 19 women, the youngest 18 years of age and the oldest 67!

Our purpose for these overnights is to restore hee inner child, by allowing her to mourn and grieve the loss that caused her to stop believing that as a little girl she truly was and is a very special gift from the Almighty God.

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Be Still My Little Girl

Oh, how I long to hear the deepest thought of your heart,
Oh, how I wanted to tell you that I don’t want us to be apart.
From the beginning to time My Precious Daughter, you have been what’s on my mind,
I wondered how long it would be until you would for Me find time.
I am here to wash away all of your pain,
I will give you My peace and remove your shame.
I will give you the strength and power to withstand,
The deception and lies of the evil one’s plan.
Come now, My Precious Little Girl, come sit on My lap,
Be still. Lay down. Maybe even take a nap.
The time is here and the time is now,
To set your life in motion; let Me show you how.
Oh, how I have longed to be with you,
Oh, how I longed to give you instruction and show you what to do.
Oh, will you stop and take your Daddy’s hand?
I promise I will give you the strength to stand.
Our lives together will be forever as one,
For this was the purpose and plan for My son.

Love, Your Daddy in Heaven



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