The Gospel according to Yvonne – “Woman Where Art Thou?”

The Gospel according to Yvonne- “Woman Where Art Thou?” The Gospel according to Yvonne To Have and To Hold… “Woman Where Art Thou”? My heart feels such anguish from the betrayal that I have experienced from the one I thought LOVED me. I have asked myself why did this happen? What have I done to […]

Woman of the Week – June 21, 2017

Woman of the Week… To Single Mothers, My HEROES! Words cannot truly express, how to describe the true HEROES of today! Many are their numbers and yet we NEVER hear anything about these amazing women. I find it startling that single moms aren’t given more recognition for ALL they do! How have we allowed ourselves […]

Woman of the Week – June 14, 2017

Her life seemed picture perfect. All her hard work was finally coming together and the Gold Medal was at her finger tips. Her Finance Aaron Ross was a corner back for the New York Giants and she was an Olympic Gold Medalist named athlete of the year by the International Association of Athletics Federation in […]

Woman of the Week – June 6, 2017

Every Woman Who Has Survived the Pain of Divorce….. This week I want to reach out to ALL those women who have survived the pain, shame, humiliation and betrayal that comes with the act of Divorce. I believe there are many who have experienced this horrific unexpected and unwanted display of selfishness. Women who have […]