A Time To Speak


“Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves, insure justice for those who are perishing.”


1(866) TIME 2 SPEAK

A Time to Speak is a National Campaign for Help, Hope and Healing for the Post-Abortive in Response to the Planned Parenthood selling of body parts and the lies told to women “that it was just a blob of tissue” by Planned Parenthood staff and President, Cecelia Richards.


Our Mission…

A Time to Speak a Two-Fold Mission:

To restore hurting women to their original purpose of contentment and wholeness by helping them understand the source of their brokenness; and to provide them with resources to work through the pain by finding true freedom through forgiveness.

Our Creed

We believe that “women” should have the right to know. They deserves and should demand the right to be given ALL the information necessary to make a truly informed choice when it comes to the final decision of abortion.

We believe abortion is an adult decision that will have life long consequences. The seeker of an abortion should have the maturity to understand all of the risks and consequences of their choice.

We believe abortion should not shield the crime of rape against an eleven year old girl. Any girl under 17 years old could be the victim of a rape as she is not of legal age to consent to sex.

We believe that “women” have lost their unique position as life-givers through legalized abortion.

We believe that human life begins in the womb on the day of conception.

We believe that human life is to be nurtured and respected both inside and outside the womb.


  • Reach out to post-abortive women to let them know that they are not alone, to provide hope by communicating that healing is possible, and direct them to our website to order the Time to Speak journal. If they don’t have the resources to purchase the journal we will send it out as a donated gift. After they go through the journal we will help them through directing them to a location near them that offers the 12-week Study, A Time to Heal.
  • Mobilize women who have gone through healing or the 12-week study to sign a “Declaration of Freedom” to support any litigation which offers the opportunity to expose and/or overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • Empower women who have worked through the healing process, and are ready to speak out, but haven’t known how to get involved, we will provide the platform.
  • Help women who continue to suffer in silence. Who believe that the problems that they are experiencing are unique to them. They long for help but don’t know where to turn. These women continue to confess the sin of abortion because they are struggling with forgiving themselves. We will help them turn the evils of their past to be used for hope for the future. A Time to Heal will present a message of hope and direct these women to resources and opportunities for them to begin the healing process.
  • Women who are either in denial or don’t recognize the connection between their pain and problems in their lives and their abortion. These women have left the Church mentally, physically or spiritually because they believe the Church and God have condemned them for their actions. Our goal is to plant a mustard seed of faith among these women and help them take the first steps towards recognizing their need and eventually confess that sin for the last time and learn how to accept forgiveness from God for themselves through this time of mercy.  Pope Francis has encouraged women to return to the church and heal during this time of mercy.

We Will Take the Highest Care to protect the confidentiality of the women who speak out.

  • Many who are willing to sign a “Declaration of Freedom” may not be ready to “go public”. We will not compromise them and cause them to speak out before they are ready. That is why we will insure that after they go through the 12-week Bible Study, “A Time to Heal”.
  • Every step of the process will insure privacy and confidentiality.
  • Give the women our national hotline number 1 (866) Time 2 Speak
  • Refer women to Organizations, e.g., Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard.


The message of hope and healing from abortion, can be compared to a missionary’s evangelistic message. Our GOAL is also to educate the Pastors of churches about the truth of abortion.

The Woman who shed innocent blood, for 12 years, never is it declared why her hemorrhage yet she knew she would be made whole if she touched His garment/hem.

  • Many pastors and their congregations don’t comprehend the number of people that have been affected by abortion since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision made abortion on demand legal. For almost 43 years, the Church’s number one focus has been the child; it’s time for the focus to include the women too. The children will be saved if we focus on not condemning the women.
  • Many pastors and their congregations don’t understand the pain and trauma associated with abortion. While pastors believe (and teach) that abortion is morally wrong and a grave and mortal sin that goes against God, in general some pastors have accepted the abortion industry lie that abortion is a safe, simple, easy solution to a crisis pregnancy. They believe that it is possible for a person to have an abortion and easily move on. They don’t have a true understanding of the horrors that take place in an abortion clinic. They don’t understand the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual pain of the post-abortion aftermath. They don’t understand the ripple-effects of abortion, e.g., mother, father, grandparents, friends, and extended family.
  • Many pastors and Church leaders have been judgmental towards the post-abortive and may harbor negative feelings towards the post-abortive, which can go against the teachings of the Gospels. Woman after Woman, story after story in the Gospels, we see these same broken women who Jesus stopped his entire ministry for the sole purpose of making them whole. Why have so many Church leaders missed this extension of God’s perfect mercy?
  • Many pastors and congregations have done very little to reach out to the post-abortive within the Church and outside the Church. There are a variety of reasons why they haven’t reached out, e.g., may be afraid to talk about abortion because it’s considered a “political” issue and addressing it could cause a “backlash” in their congregation or further wound those who have had abortions.

Key Components to the Plan – A CALL TO ACTION:

Build a Speakers Bureau of awareness and participation about Time to Speak

  • Church Presentations
  • Woman’s Groups
  • Special Meetings
  • Community Rallies/Events
  • Media


Publicity for Time to Heal

  • Ministry Support
    Mailings to their Constituents
    Shows/Programs which focus on Time to Speak
  • Women’s Conferences
  • Web viral marketing – send e-mails which direct people
    To the Time to Speak website
    Invitation Brochures for distribution to Abortion Clinics

How women can help:

Support and Distribute materials for Time to Heal

  • Training Materials for Priests, Pastors, Elders and Deacons
  • Presentation materials, e.g., Power Point Presentations, Videos, Articles
  • Sample Press Releases for Dioceses
  • Print material formats, e.g., Flyers for Abortion Clinics, Church Bulletin Inserts
  • Sample Constituent Letters and Priest and Pastors Participant Letters
  • Provide an overview of Time to Speak and all pending POWER legal cases e.g., South Dakota
    Mission and Vision and Credo
    Participating Organizations background and update on legal cases filed How to Get Involved with Time to Speak
  • Provide access to “Declaration of Freedom”
  • Forms
  • Listings of Catholic Confidential Resources


  • The deVebers Institute of Bio-Ethics and Social Researches
  • The Law Office of Harold Cassidy and Associates

A Time To Speak
“A Time to Speak” is a healing journal for women who are hurting from the aftermath of abortion. Through these twelve very courageous women and their powerful stories you will experience, maybe for the first time, a new understanding of what our “freedom of choice” really means.

This journal can also be given to those who believe abortion should remain legal; individuals who don’t truly understand the life-long consequences that impact women emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically.

By exposing the myths of abortion from the angle of the women who have experienced abortion first hand, we believe hearts and minds will be changed on how abortion in this country is viewed.

Can be ordered for $24.95 plus S/H

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